About Me

My Motto

Sculpt your ideal body, 

free your true self, 

transform your life.

I help people find optimal health with Yoga so that they can sculpt their body, free their true self and transform their life for better.

Are you with me on this journey?


Hi, I am your yoga expert RAJNI GUPTA. I am someone who believes that just like fitness can be brought by focus, it is the other way around as well! I hold 6+ years of practice experience and I specialize in both masculine and feminine health related issues. 

I am MA in Yoga and hold professional certification from World Yoga Organization. I have also completed the rigorous 500+ hours of YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course). I also like spending time with my two little munchkins and also along with kids in different schools of Kanpur (as their Yoga Maa). 

So far, I have been successful in impacting the lives of 400+ people and the count is ever increasing! Feel free to get in touch! 





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